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Fabio Viviani: I got over two million emails in the two months after it ended. YS: You left your old restaurant to open a new one. FV: I moved out from the restaurant in Moorpark [Café Firenze].We have deals in place in Chicago and Miami; we are trying to do some more locations.Richard gets the largest share of viewer sympathy because his wife Jazmin hassles him about, and he feels guilty about, being insufficiently available for her and their two kids. Richard is not just a chef, but one trying to get a brand-new restaurant off the ground.He's consulting, he's flying off to Aspen for the Food & Wine confab, he's a major actor on a new reality show.All our Top Chef stories suggest the following: Becoming a business owner will liquidate your free time.

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We are planning to go back to Moorpark [to Café Firenze].

Simmons answers yes."Well, I doubt they ever admired you." Clooney talks about how kids admire athletes because they follow their dreams, and then shames our-soon-to-be-unemployed friend for selling out his own ambitions to secure a modest but steady income for his family."Your resume says that you minored in French culinary arts," Clooney continues, "Most students, they work on the fryer at KFC, but you bussed tables at Il Picador to support yourself.

Now observe the current Bravo reality-TV show called Life After Top Chef, in which the cameras document the lives of four Top Chef alumni: Richard Blais, Fabio Viviani, Spike Mendelsohn, and Jen Carroll.

In a LATC blog post, Richard says that he and his wife used the show as "a sort of therapy," pointing up his willingness to discuss the difficulty of managing "so many professional projects, as well as my most important job, being a husband and dad.

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I could have bypassed those issues, instead, waxing about the most amazing parts of my beautiful life, which I do indeed have.But the struggles, I believe, are common for any professional, in any industry, and for any family." Jazmin seems to agree: "Richard and I always talk about how hard it is to be in the industry and have a family.

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