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I think with either of these, you come out looking good without getting sucked back into drama that you want to keep behind you. Should I tell a prospective employer what other companies I’m talking to?

My job search is proceeding well with two companies.

I don’t want to lead with it, so to speak, but I’m concerned about going into a job and having to deal with not being honest when I tell them I can fulfill the position’s duties.

This is going to be particularly tough to ask about because it’s so different from the types of panic disorders most people are familiar with; I suspect many people are likely to think you’re just overreacting and not take it seriously, which is not the reaction you want, obviously. That aside, though, I think the situation really means that your best bet will be to focus on employers where it’s highly unlikely that this will ever come up (just like someone with severe anxiety about, say, public speaking might avoid applying to jobs where they might need to give presentations or lead meetings). Attending a former coworker’s baby shower when I was suddenly fired I was recently invited to an ex-coworker’s baby shower.

I’m medicated and undergoing therapy for it – so while it’s a disorder, it’s not a disability.

Mostly it’s really embarrassing once I’ve calmed down.

However, my sudden departure caused quite a stir, and it’s likely that the people at the party will want to ask me about it. It’s really up to you and how much you want to get into what happened.

Personally, I’d go for either totally concise and matter-of-fact (“They fired me because X, but I’ve moved on to Y, where I’m incredibly happy”) or declining to discuss it at all (“It’s a bit of a story and today’s not the day for it, but I’m doing X now and really loving it”).

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People who don’t live with another adult usually handle this by arranging for back-up child care and pet-sitters.

We treat each client separately, designing a curriculum that fits each specific group's needs.

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