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I think it's really important to work in the city and be aware of employment opportunities where you live. I ask of Hamilton not to judge us because we didn't go to elementary school here!It also gives you more chances to be aware of the issues affecting businesses here, but also to meet more people from across the city, rather than the neighbours or people I run into in my usual "hot spots". Give us a chance to show that we're proud of this city too!Kelly Bennett is an award-winning reporter who lives in Hamilton.She grew up in Victoria and covered economics and arts as an investigative reporter in San Diego.

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"I'd like to think that the presence of runners in the evenings in the downtown core helps the perception of a city being a safe place," he said. In general, the (GO Transit) trip is too long because there's nothing resembling an express bus or train from one city to the other. I usually sleep in the morning and work on my computer or read in the evening. There's a lot to discover (we're frequently checking out waterfalls, running trails, neighbourhoods we haven't spent time in).He moved in late 2013 into a one-bedroom loft at Stinson School, a housing project that he says "would cost a lot more in Toronto." He hopes to retire in a few years, but in the meantime he drives about 60 km each way, daily. It would be nice to work in the same city but Hamilton doesn't have jobs in my area of expertise. What it needs is a more positive attitude about itself.He tries to do his shopping in Hamilton, and he sings in the Hamilton Sings community choir, participates in the local chapter of 100 Men Who Give a Damn and is a member of the String Along ukulele club. Janet Kompare-Fritz is originally from Hamilton, moved to the west end of Toronto for 14 years and just moved back to buy a house in Corktown four years ago. Commuting is a drag period, especially when you have kids that you want to be with. It took us over two years to let go of our egos of "coming back home." We love the growth of our city.I've been told, "There's not enough people in Hamilton to justify an express train". My impression of the city is that it's been going through a change for the last number of years - seems like there's mixed feelings about that from what I hear and read.

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But maybe there would be if other commuters who drove could take an actual express train. I recognize that people moving from Toronto are what's driving the house prices up in Hamilton.My first community association meeting our councillor made an off-handed comment about Torontonians and so I was afraid to say I grew up in Toronto; instead said I was from Burlington. We're not trying to push people out of their homes or neighbourhoods or change the Hamilton work ethic and feel. Hamilton needs to think of itself as a leading city.

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