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I'll post both the video of your naked weighing and the video recording of your punishment on a private web site. "Well, this is a pay site, so we have to give them something to look at or we go out of business.

I won't make it public or let anyone know your identity, but I will sell memberships to this site that will help us get the down payment for the car." Julia was wide eyed. " But she seemed intrigued, and encouraged Allison to continue. So if you achieve your target, then I'll post pictures or videos of me naked instead of you. "At best, you'll have a down payment, a thin body, and the devilish fun of knowing that a bunch of anonymous perverted voyeurs got to see me posing and playing around naked each week.

"I'm going to whip up an anonymous fee-based web site and post to it weekly.

At each weekly weighing, starting with one today, I'll make a video recording of you weighing yourself, in the buff, just like you usually do. Also, you will have to suffer a punishment of my choosing, and I'm going to record that too, while you're still naked.

It put him in a position where if he didn't stick to his plan, he would lose real money, and if he did stick to his plan, there was a real business payoff.

And that was something he knew how to manage." "I see," Julia said.

She had even created a well-protected anonymous pay site where she flirted with this side of her sexuality on her own terms.

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If he did succeed, his co-investors agreed to give him two percent of their shares as a bonus.

And you know, Julia, to be honest it wouldn't be the first time that I posted naked pics of myself on line." She grinned and raised her eyebrows as Julia's eyes widened at this new revelation about her roommate and friend. It was precisely the kind of motivation that could make her lose the weight.

She might not have the willpower to resist a donut if the only price to pay were a few hundred extra calories.

Even though we both know that you don't have that kind of money, right?

" "Well, not yet, I don't," Allison replied, "but let's make that my problem.What if I give you the down-payment for that Acura if you achieve your goal of losing, what, fifteen pounds by July? "And just like what I've been trying to do for three months!

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