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10-Dec-2017 17:25

With her newly polished hand and toenails, we could see she had spent the morning preparing for her entrance. Anne had already loosened her Pareo and stood next to Tanya who was stepping out of her dress. " I greeted her, walked up to her and gave her a hug and a kiss on her mouth.

She radiated all of the beauty of a forty-something mother who was in the prime of her life and we happily welcomed her into our little group. She smiled at me but I sensed some discomfort in her posture. " I looked at her, in the eyes, while standing close in front of her.

But everybody all lived together, naked, and respected each other's different naked lifestyles.

Yesterday, our daughters had invited us fathers for a special Father's Day program.

She had warned us, beforehand, that the island was available to all people that day, so any intimacies were off limits unless there were no other people around, of course, which we would notice when we arrived at the island. While I hung her bra, she stepped out of her panty and gave it to me, as well, to hang it up.

So, we had to wait for my wife and for Anne's mother. Bibi had already loosened her Pareo and walked, naked, up to her mother.

People that help us invest get an even better deal. You can be sure that all our wines have been lovingly made by a talented winemaker and stripped of all the costs that add nothing to the flavour or quality of the juice in the bottle. How do we capture the quality and choice of independence without the sacrifice of price and convenience?

This story is the third part of the "Naked Alley" series.

It was a beautiful sight to see Maria's mother walking towards us between her daughter and Tanya!Lucas was telling how his wife, Margot, had encouraged him to go with Maria, telling him it was unique that daughters would do something for their fathers in the first place.Unlike Bibi, Maria had told her parents about the place where she would take her father, afraid that, if he didn't know ahead of time, he would turn around after finding out they had to get naked.It is advised to read the series in the sequence of the stories.

As always, all persons have reached the age of eighteen years or more since they were born. Many thanks to oldnakeddad for editing and proofreading this story and making it more readable.There were three extra chairs and Maria was absent.

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