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05-Jul-2017 18:15

If you sent an invitation where you uploaded a list of more than 2,000 contacts, eblink for help scheduling an email to send to the rest of your list.

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The date also shows in the Subject Line of the email invitation (unless edited.)Select the fields above the invitation preview to do the following: • Change the "Invitation Template" (choose between formal or modern) • Update the "Name of Sender" • Change the "Reply-To" email address • Edit the "Subject Line" of the message In the Customise Invitations window, you can: • Change the invitation colours • Show eblink • Add social network sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, and/or Linked In) • Show/Change the salutation (Hello, Hi, Hi, Dear, or None) • eblink (replaces the "Attend Event" button with "Yes, No, Maybe" options)Click "Edit Message" to customise the text and eblink.Most organisers can send invitations to up to 2,000 guests/recipients per day from the Email Invitations section of an event’s Manage page.If your eblink, you'll want to reference the email sent from our Trust and Safety team.If you send an invitation, they'll need to register themselves to show in your event's reporting as attending the event.

When you use Eventbrite Organiser (eblink and eblink) and/or eblink (Desktop) to manage onsite check-in, you can pull a report to see the number of attendees checked in over time, as well as those that didn't show up.To create this report, go to your event's Manage page, head over to Analyse, and select Event Reports.