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Reaching down between her legs, I gently stroked Laurel's pussy and I found it very wet as I inserted a finger inside my wife. I closed my eyes, hearing her moans and the bed creaking, inhaling the floral scent. Laurel's pussy was so moist – I had never known her so aroused. I continued screwing my wife as I asked, "Did you feel his cock tonight? PANTY EVIDENCE The following morning she had announced that she was going out with one of her girlfriends from work to a disco.

My cock slammed into her, coated with her lubricating juices. I couldn't get the image of her fucking that guy out of my mind. " Laurel moaned and was able to answer in a whisper, "Oh God. When I asked her why she had not told me before she claimed she had forgot. She got dressed and reappeared, an image of wanton sensuality, in a very short tight black lycra dress with red thongs beneath.

He said he could smell my wet cunt and he knew I was gagging for it. I reached under her skirt to find her panties dripping wet.

I told him I was married and not interested but I have to admit it made me wet between the legs and so horny. It was like they'd just come out of the washing machine. With her help I had her panties off in a minute and held them dripping in my hand. Are you getting hot thinking about your wife being balled by his cock right in front of you?

I slipped my hand back under the elastic find her pussy slopping wet. Maybe he can come and keep me company when you are out sometime," she added with a mischievous smile. I guess she had been tempted and the fantasy of her straddling him then riding his cock crossed my mind. " "Wouldn't you love having a long thick bone filling your moist tight pussy deeper than any man ever has before? "I wouldn't mind seeing you getting fucked by another man." She didn't say anything but I could see that my wife was really turned on by the thought.

Her labia were completely open and her clit was a hard nub under my fingers. I'm sure he would have gladly fucked her brains out. She told me that she had felt his hard cock pressing against her pelvis when they flirted. I could see it by her hard nipples as she toyed with the idea.

I tried to kiss her but she repulsed me, not wanting to spoil her make-up. Hands trembling, I took them out and slowly examined them closely in the light.

She kissed me goodbye, a light peck on the cheek, telling me not to wait up for her. They were rolled into a ball, but there was a spot on the material that was damp and soggy. There were heavy creases on the back and I turned them inside out. I was stunned to think that my innocent bride of thirteen years was cheating on me and most probably had enjoyed being fucked by Michel that night and lied to me.

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"I wouldn't use a condom..." She added with a wry little smile after a silence.I could make out my wife kissing her partner on the lips and rubbing her crotch against his pelvis. With a frown, I walked up to her and waved her over. I felt so wicked letting him play with me and feeling poke his boner against my leg.When he realised we were together he excused himself and left. He wanted to fuck me, he said he'd fuck me all night and I'd enjoy it, he'd make sure I did.This meant that I had never licked her dirty used when it was full of other man's cum. However my cock was hard as I imagined her coming, legs spread wide on another man's cock. I guessed that it had been Mike who had given her a good pounding last night but if she didn't want to go there I definitely wouldn't. You are so wonderful with me." I do not know what made me reply, "No." I shook my head and continued: "You have to go out now. After that she kissed me briefly and went upstairs to get ready to go and meet her date Mike.

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I dipped my finger into it and brought it up to my nose as I examined the fluid on the crotch closely. I stood there a long time as dozens of emotions went through my mind. I'm seeing him tonight unless of course you don't want me to..." My cock was hard and my heart pounding as I added, "I hope you accepted." "Naturally I told him yes. I knew that after dinner tonight Mike would be taking my wife back to his place and fucking her. She was ages in the bathroom and when I went inside I found her shaving her pussy. She kissed me again and declared that she needed to shave her pussy before she went out. You have to tell me all about it when you return." I insisted.Just touching her pussy caused her to hump back and forth on my hand and sigh as if she was already being fucked. She pulled out a small business card with the guys phone numbers and email addresses on them. She told me she was very aroused and asked me if I was angry. You could never take away the fact that he had stuck his cock into my pussy and come inside me. Knowing my wife, the pleasure of fucking would send her vaginal muscles pulsating many times on him as she climaxed repeatedly on a massive throbbing cock.